Broadband @ Magherafelt.Biz

Broadband Has Landed

At last, Broadband access to the internet is available in Magherafelt. Broadband is a step towards the future, with high speed access enabling local businesses to advertise and trade over the Internet.

If you are within 6km from the Magherafelt exchange your phone line can be enabled to allow your business access to Broadband..

Why Broadband?

  • Broadband is the next step in internet access and is “always on” which means no waiting for your connection to the internet.
  • Speeds are up to 10x the current download times of dialup access
  • Broadband doesn’t tie up your line, which means you can take calls whilst accessing the internet.
  • Large files are now no barrier to sending information to customers via the internet

<- Click on the image to go to the InvestNI site for details

Currently Invest NI are offering support for any small business to take advantage of Broadband enabled areas. Quoting from their site

Broadband SME Programme

This Programme helps small and medium sized enterprises to take advantage of the high speed Internet connections available using any broadband connection.

It covers 40% of the installation costs plus 40% of the first year running costs for eligible companies up to a maximum of £5,000 funding. Application forms and details can be downloaded below or can be requested by contacting us.

Tel: 0800 515 319.


More information on Broadband can be found on the Broadband for Business website”.

Download application form here: InvestNI

Need Help?

Well let Omni Computer Consultancy help your business become broadband enabled. Offering independent advice about products and equipment, Omni is able to help you in these and more areas:-

  • Web Design
  • Training
  • Internet Equipment
  • Internet Products

For further assistance, please contact Omni at or call us during normal working hours on (+44-) 028-9031-4800.

What Next?

If you wish to avail of the Invest NI offer, you need to complete the application form and submit it to Invest NI. Details are available on the form of what is required from you to qualify for their offer.

If you need details of Broadband products, simply click on the BT advert at the top of this page which will link you to BT’s Broadband site. Note: Other ISPs do offer Broadband access but to date none seem available within the Magherafelt area. You should shop around before siging up with these BT products as there is a minimum tie-in period of 1 year.

For hardware requirements, simply click on the Dell advert to the right of this page, or the BT advert at the bottom of this page where you can price what equipment you will need. Depending on which Broadband products you go for, you will need varying hardware equipment. Generally though, the minimum is:-

  • A Recently built PC or Mac (usually anything built post 2000 will suffice)
  • A Broadband Modem
  • An active BT Telephone line
  • Microfilters for phone connections